Learn the strength training methods that produced over 130 world records

For over 10 years, Shane Sweatt has helped elite athletes, special forces and other coaches reach peak physical conditioning.

Reach Higher Levels Of Performance

Strength and speed are the cornerstones to almost every athletic endeavor in the world. Athletes that incorporate the Conjugate Methods training methodology into their regular workout routines reach higher levels of performance never thought possible.

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What Is Conjugate Methods?

Initially developed in the 1970s by the Russians, the conjugate system was designed to build the strongest athletes in the world. Westside Barbell later enhanced it into the training system we know today as Conjugate Methods.

Westside Barbell is considered the strongest gym in the world... Literally!

The systems core areas of development include absolute strength, explosive speed, and training longevity. Athletes that adopt the Conjugate system regularly smash through training plateaus to reach their performance objective.

The strongest athletes in the world have embraced the Conjugate Method as the foundation of their training program.

Although the system continues to evolve and improve, it is one of the few methods out there with an indisputable track record that has withstood the test of time. Professional athletes, coaches, and anyone looking to improve their overall level of strength and fitness have embraced the Conjugate Methods as the foundational system behind their training program.

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Absolute Strength

How to use varied training to avoid muscle adaptation and develop raw strength.

Explosive Speed

Learn the techniques used to develop explosive speed in athletes.

Perfect Biomechanics

Maximize your training efficiency by employing proper movement.

Faster Recovery Times

Faster recovery rates lead to higher volume which means accelerated growth.

Avoid Injury

90% of soft tissue damage occurs during the negative phase of a lift.



What You'll Learn:



What You'll Learn:

Are you risking injury every time you train?

Our training methodology allows our athletes to consistently reach new performance heights while extending their training longevity and minimizing their exposure to injury. In fact, many of our athletes have gone on to shatter world records well into their late 40’s.

By using a high percentage of single joint exercises we:

Elite athletes from around the world have traveled to our gym in Cincinnati, OH to learn the advanced powerlifting techniques that have catapulted their athletic performance in their given sport.

Now We’re Coming to You

After 32 years of powerlifting and multiple injuries I never thought I'd still be in the game. The Conjugate Method program has been a godsend for me.

Amy Weisberger

First Woman To Lift 10X Her Body Weight
Multiple World Records Holder

Taking the Conjugate Methods seminar was an experience that actually changed the way I train. This seminar allowed me to delete misconceptions about strength training.

Natalie "Nat" Diez

Crossfit HQ Spain Liason
CrossFit Lvl-1 & Lvl-2 HQ Coach

Joshua Dunn's debilitating back pain caused him to almost give up weight training forever... then he discovered the Conjugate System.

From August 2012 to January 2018, I participated and coached CrossFit. In May of 2018, I was ready to put away the barbell and pick-up a Yoga mat due to lower back pain. I was done. This was my 10th year with chronic lower back pain/disc issues – my flare-ups were so bad that I couldn’t walk for days. But I wanted to give it one more go and I was really interested in the Conjugate Methods’ Course. One year later my back is better than ever, and all due to the principles from the Conjugate Method.

"One year later my back is better than ever, and all due to the principles from the Conjugate Method."

Within the first 10 months, I put 80 lbs. on my Squat, 40 lbs. on my Bench and 60 lbs. on my Deadlift. Again, all done pain-free and at 39 years of age! I trusted the system and dedicated myself to the process. I am not an aspiring powerlifter or games athlete. I am a guy that loves the challenge of the barbell. I have shared these techniques with my other coaches, and they have seen amazing results for themselves and their clients. We wanted to get stronger and do it in a safe, consistent manner. And this exactly what the course delivered.

"If you want to evolve your gym and grow stronger athletes invest in this course and dedicate yourself to the system."

The course teaches the participant how to really train optimally and buffer against injury. It incorporates methods that give you and your athletes longevity in the weight room. Also, the Conjugate Method is presented by an über experienced instructor, Shane Sweatt. If you don’t know about him, Google him. He is a Master Westside Barbell Strength Coach. If you want to evolve your gym and grow stronger athletes invest in this course and dedicate yourself to the system.

Joshua Dunn, M.S. Health & Human Performance
CrossFit L2
CrossFit Conjugate

Shane Sweatt

Master Westside Barbell Coach

Shane’s life long passion has always been in pursuit of fitness and extreme sports. He is an accomplished martial artist, a former USCF cyclist, an experienced triathlete, and is one of only three coaches to have earned a Master Certification in the Westside Barbell Method of training.

His focus on keeping his athletes free of injury while pushing them to extreme levels of physical and mental conditioning has garnered the attention of top athletes worldwide.

Shane has a reputation for being the most humble and level headed trainers you could ever work with. His calm but inspirational demeanor not only endear him to the athletes he trains but also makes him a highly sought after educator.

To date, his gym has produced over 130 world records... and counting.


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